We want to make a difference while we are still students. We are members of Santé, a living and learning community Centenary College of Louisiana in Shreveport, LA. We dedicate ourselves to overcome poverty and disease.  

We will post in five areas:

Action: We will use this website to share advocacy opportunities with you. Using our position as citizens of the United States, we can push American foreign policy to reflect American values and strengthen Haiti’s ability to solve it’s own problems.

Knowledge: To be effective, we need to understand Haiti, so we will discuss Haitian history, politics, and religion.

Mission: We need to stay in touch with our motives, so we will write about the religious and ethical ideals which motivate us and sustain our engagement.

Projects: We would also like to start sharing information about the projects all of us work on. Speak Out for Haiti can help us coordinate and learn from each other.

Voices: In all of these areas, we want to hear more from you. Leave comments. Use the “contact us link.” Let us know what you think, what you’re doing, and what you want to know. We would love to include more voices in our discussion.

Please follow us on Twitter (@speakout4haiti) and like us on Facebook. We can retweet and share information easily. Encourage your friends and families to follow us as well. We are stronger together, or perhaps it’s better to say,”L’Union Fait La Force.”

Contact us at speakoutforhaiti@gmail.com

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